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Found 106 drinks on offer.

Suedois Dolin Herbal Liqueur

Perfect for your after-dinner drinks, this is an intensely flavoursome, pleasingly bitter French digestif from Dolin, featuring notes of rhubarb, gentian and orange.

Cherry Marnier - 1960s Fruit Liqueur

From the clever minds that make Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge come the Cherry Marnier. This is an antique bottling from 1960s, a rare collectible.

Dom Bairo Elisir Amaro - 1970s Liqueurs

Produced by the Buton company in the 1970s, this is a very rare and highly collectible bottle of Don Bairo Elisir Amaro - a bittersweet Italian tonic liqueur flavoured with herbs and roots.

Marolo Chinato Herbal Liqueur

Marolo's Chinato is a robust herbal liqueur from the Italian producer (known for their Grappa), made to a family recipe featuring cinchona, rhubarb, gentian, coriander, cinnamon, clove and more.

Tarpa Furtos Meggy Palinka (Cherry) Eaux de Vie

Similar in some ways to a Maraschino liqueur, the Tarpa Pálinka is made with sour cherries, resulting in a bright notes of fruit and almonds.

Van Wees Advocaat Liqueurs

Used in countless cocktails, Advocaat is a useful piece of a bartender's tool-kit. This one comes from Dutch distillers, A. van Wees and the Ooievaar distillery.

Van Wees Oranje Bitter (Orange) Fruit Liqueur

This is a sweet, orange-based liqueur from the A. van Wees range, made with several types of orange.

Duomo Summer Pear Liqueurs

Anise flavoured liqueur with added summer pear. From Duomo.

De Kuyper Peachtree Liqueurs

A fragrant, fruity liqueur from De Kuyper in the Netherlands, one that mixes well in cocktails. It also makes for a cracking summer tipple when served over crushed ice... Yum...

Bittermens Hiver Amer Liqueurs

The Bittermens Hiver Amer came about due to a somewhat happy accident.

Kirsberry Danish Cherry Speciality Liqueurs

A Danish cherry liqueur that follows a hundred year old family recipe and is made entirely from Danish cherries. Drink by itself, in cocktails or with a mixer.

Chateau de Laubade Floc de Gascogne Fruit Liqueur

A Floc de Gascogne aperitif, produced by the Chateau de Laubade Armagnac house.

Mette Liqueur de Pain d'Epices (Gingerbread) Liqueurs

"Run, run, as fast as you can! You can't catch me, I'm a sweet, spicy gingerbread flavoured liqueur from French distiller, Metté!" Okay, this bottle didn't actually say that, we admit it.

Mette Coing (Quince) Liqueurs

Quince flavoured liqueur from French distillers, Metté. It pairs well with star anise flavours - we reckon you ought to try and make a cocktail combining those two...

Van Wees Honing Likeur (Honey) Liqueurs

For those with a bit of a sweet tooth, this honey liqueur from A. van Wees ought to be the bee's knees.

Jim Beam - Honey 70cl Bottle

Jim Beam infused with real honey.

Solway - Citrus Gin Liqueur 50cl Bottle

An invigorating fusion of quality Gin, sweetened then steeped with lemon and limes to create a luscious Liqueur. A lovely drink to be savoured on a Summer evening.

Solway - Raspberry Ripple Gin Liqueur 50cl Bottle

Big initial hits of raspberry mellowing into a smooth creamy taste followed by the warmth of the quality Dry Gin to give a long lasting taste sensation. Try mixing this with Prosecco!

Solway - Sloe Gin 50cl Bottle

Created using hedgerow foraged sloe berries steeped in sugar and leisurely infused with a quality Gin to deliver a Liqueur to linger over. Great with sparkling wine.

Solway - Apple Schnapps 50cl Bottle

A blend of superior pure spirit with the best of ripe apples, all slowly infused for a well balanced Schnapps. Great on its own, or try adding to rose wine.

Patron XO Cafe Dark Cocoa

A dark-cocoa variant of Patron's excellent coffee liqueur. A base of their silver Tequila mixed with Mexican Criollo cocoa and Mexican coffee to create a surprisingly subtly flavoured liqueur, with definite notes of Tequila.

Eyguebelle Liqueur Verte Liqueurs

A liqueur from Eyguebelle, made in the style of a particular green liqueur made for hundreds of years with many, many herbs and spices.

Lejay Creme De Cassis (18%) Liqueurs

You'll see many Lejay Crème De Cassis editions and labels, this smart looking release is bottled at 18%. Perfect with bubbly for a Kir Royale.

Tequila Rose Strawberry Liqueurs

This liqueur was launched in the United States to great success and fuses strawberry cream liqueur with tequila - sweet and enchanting.

Southern Comfort 100 Proof Whisky Liqueur

This is a higher strength version of the classic Southern Comfort liqueur, perfect for enjoying over ice or in a mixed drink.