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Found 6 drinks on offer.

Taylors - LBV 2012 75cl Bottle

A beautiful expression of Taylor's LBV, poised and slightly understated, with a finesse and intricacy usually only found in a Vintage Port. Deep ruby, very dark at the core, with a narrow red rim. The nose is elegant and complex, revealing multiple...

Croft - 1994 75cl Bottle

Vintage Ports are made exclusively from the grapes of one harvest. Bottled after two years in casks, it is in the bottle that the long, slow, ageing process transforms the young wine into a magnificent Vintage Port. A Croft Vintage is only declared in years of optimum quality. These demanding standards mean that a Croft Vintage might be declared perhaps only two or three times in a decade. Vibrant ruby colour turning to brick on the rim. Intense, rich, jammy damson and strawberry fruit aromas. Good depth and complexity on the nose, with additional notes of spice and leather. Finely structured palate with great balance. Strong jammy, chocolate flavours - hint of eucalyptus. Lovely length on the finish

Fonseca - Quinta do Panascal 1999 75cl Bottle

Opulent nose, full of ripe fat cherry and damson fruit. Great mouth filling wine with lots of rounded ripe fruit flavours of plum and strawberry jam. Lovely soft velvety texture. Harmonious and stylish.

Grahams - 40 Year Old Tawny 75cl Bottle

Graham's 40 Years Old Tawny shows a golden amber colour, with a pale green tinge at the rim, denoting great age. Very complex with a powerful fragrance that belies its age. An array of flavours, from delicate fruit & raisins to toasted toffee & cho...

Cockburns - Fine Tawny 75cl Bottle

Fine Tawny is aged for approximately three years in small barrels. This hastens the ageing process so that the wine evolves to a reddish amber colour and develops a silky feel and nutty flavour. Tawny Port is filtered before bottling and and is a smo...

Niepoort 10 Year Old Tawny Tawny Port

This Niepoort Tawny Port is aged in small old oak casks (550 litre) for ten years, in the cellars at Vila Nova de Gaia, giving it that classic Tawny colour.