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Brandy & Cognac

Found 59 drinks on offer.

G. by Gautier Cognac

A jazzy disco ball of a VS Cognac produced by 18th century Cognac house Gautier for a nightlife-loving younger market.

Remi Landier Tres Vieux Fins Bois Prestige Cognac

An exceptional expression from Remi Landier of Fins Bois Cognac, taken from family reserves which stretch back over 40 years.

Remi Landier (Lot 2005) - Through The Grapevine (La Maison du Whisky) Hors d'age Cognac

Single cask Fins Bois Cognac from the highly-respected Remi Landier house, independently bottled by La Maison du Whisky as part of their Through The Grapevine range. Only 357 bottles were produced.

Hine Homage / Gift Box

A special-edition Cognac from Hine, produced by cellar master Eric Forget to honour Thomas Hine, the house's founder. It's a blend of early-landed Grande Champagne Cognacs which were matured in the UK, as well as some XO Cognac from the Hine cellars in Jarnac.

Hine Rare VSOP Cognac 70cl

A terrific VSOP from Hine, Rare is classed as Fine Champagne, meaning that the eaux-de-vie used are all from the Grande or Petite Champagne areas, with at least 50% from Grande Champagne.

Maxime Trijol - XO Grande Champagne Decanter 70cl Bottle

Deep gold in colour, with a full -bodied nose of aromatic richness and hints of liquorice and touches of vanilla and cedar wood. Full in the mouth, mellow and opulent with notes of dried fruit, spicy oak and a little rancio creeping in. Good length o...

Le Reviseur - VS 70cl Bottle

Old gold in colour.A very fresh nose displays touches of plums and almonds.The nose develops towards dried walnut aromas.The palate is light, pleasant and well balanced.

Asbach - Spezialbrand 15 Year Old 70cl Bottle

Limited stock.Asbach Spezialbrand is aged for 15 years.Carefully selected distillates from the choicest wine-growing areas and a storage period of at least 15 years in casks of Limousin oak are necessary to make Asbach Spezialbrand.It fascinates due ...

Torres - Jaime 1 70cl Bottle

Jaime I is deep, rich and dark amber in colour.It displays a concentrated complex bouquet, with marked overtones of coconut, dried fruits and spices, typical of lengthy ageing. Round and lush, it has the smoothness that characterises great brandies.J...

Frapin - Extra 70cl Bottle

100% Grande Champagne, Premier Cru de Cognac.Colour: Mahogany, copper highlights.Bouquet: Very sweet, complex and subtle aromas of old port mixed with the scent of wooden cigar boxes typical of old Grande Champagne cognacs, which appears after a very...

Chateau Montifaud L50 Heritage Louis Vallet

Chateau Montifaud L50 Heritage Louis Vallet has been aged for a minimum of 50 years. This is a rich and rounded Cognac that, once given time to breathe, is one to truly sip and savour.

Mezcal Vago Ensamble en Barro

Vago's Ensamble en Barro is a blended Mezcal from Salomon Rey Rodriguez. A combination of Espadin, Mexicano, Coyote, Arroqueño and Sierra Negra agave, this is an earthy and spicy mezcal.

Adnams - Spirit of Broadside 70cl Bottle

A rich and complex amber spirit packed full of wonderful fruit and spice aromas. The final spirit has whisky aromas and notes but what makes it so distinctive is the hop flavours that come through from brewing and fermenting the beer. An 'eau de vie de biere' made from Broadside and matured in heavily toasted Russian Oak casks for 12 months.

Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac Miniature Prestige Cognac

A miniature of Rémy Martin's jaw-dropping Louis XIII Cognac, made with a blend of around 1,200 different eaux-de-vie from the Grande Champagne appellation.

Camus - XO Elegance 70cl Bottle

To create the rich palate, heady aromas and flamboyant colours of Camus XO Elegance the Camus Cellar Master called on venerable eaux-de-vie from exceptional vineyards, with a strong presence of the signature Camus Borderies. These carefully nurtured eaux-de-vie reveal a unique bouquet of floral aromas, tinged with dried fruit, liquorice and spicy notes, with a persistent, leathery finish. A radiantly beautiful bottle, an engraved heavy metal stopper and a luxurious presentation case enhance the seductive charm of XO Elegance.

Camus - VSOP Elegance 70cl Bottle

The nose boasts prominent jasmine aromas intermingled with subtle yellow fruit notes. On the palate this Cognac displays a remarkable balance between smoothness and structure, enhanced by vanilla and light woody notes. Camus VSOP Elegance is a Cogna...

Martell Cognac Vs

Brandy with a light golden colour, a mild and gentle aroma and a taste that's fruity with a hint of wood. The majority of the blending components here come from the Borderies region of Cognac.

Courvoisier V.s.o.p 35cl

This VSOP (‘Very Superior Old Pale’) is aged in fine-grained oak barrels for a wonderful array of toasted almond, toffee apple, woodsmoke and jasmine aromas. On the palate it is rich, smooth and warming.

Courvoisier Erte Cognac No.1 / Vigne

Part of a set of limited edition Courvoisier bottlings designed by the leading Art Deco artist Erte, who sadly died shortly after the first edition was released. Some of the eaux-de-vie used date back to 1892, the year of the artist's birth. These bottles are highly sought-after by collectors

Three Barrels 3 Star - 1970s Brandy

3 Star brandy from the long-running Three Barrels range - we reckon this neat bottle was produced back in the 1970s.

Godet - VSOP 70cl Bottle

This cognac offers a light woody, floral nose, tinged with hazelnuts and peach jam.Its persistence in the mouth makes it very pleasant and easy to drink.

Bisquit Interlude (cask 79) Prestige Cognac

A particularly decadent expression from Bisquit, made using rare, long-aged stocks from their extensive cellars.

Bourgoin Cognac Brut de Fut 1994 XO Cognac

A 1994 vintage Cognac from Bourgoin, a fantastic producer in the village of Tarsac. Brilliant stuff from the small distillery, and impressively bottled at 55.3% ABV.

Bourgoin Cognac Fine Pale VS Cognac

A particularly interesting Cognac from Bourgoin with a wonderfully simple but unique label. Their Fine Pale expression is bottled at 62.

Bourgoin Cognac Micro-Barrique 1994 XO Cognac

An XO Cognac from Bourgoin which has very interestingly been finished in 10 litre alligator char (meaning heavily charred, nothing to do with the crocodilian) barrels!