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Gin tastic

Found 144 drinks on offer.

Tolmanns Gin

Tolmanns Gin is produced in The Netherlands using a combination of botanicals from all across the globe, including Italian juniper, Brazilian ginger, Spanish orange, American jalapeño peppers and

Tarquin's British Blackberry 3cl Sample Flavoured Gin

A lip-smacking variation on the Tarquin’s Handcrafted Cornish Gin recipe, with a focus on blackberries!

Colonsay Gin 3cl Sample Gin

Based on Scotland's Isle of Colonsay, the husband and wife team of Finlay and Eileen Geekie are the minds behind Colonsay Gin.

Citadelle No Mistake Old Tom Old Tom Gin

A very interesting release from the Citadelle Gin range, made by adding some caramelised Caribbean brown sugar to their cask aged Citadelle Réserve, and then age it a little longer.

Spirit Of Hven Navy Strength Organic Gin 3cl Sample Gin

A navy strength gin from Spirit of Hven, the distillery on a tiny island in the Öresund strait between Sweden and Denmark.

Bath Gin 3cl Sample Gin

The Bath Gin Company was born from the folks at the Canary Gin Bar on Queen Street.

Haymans - Sloe Gin 70cl Bottle

Hayman's Sloe Gin is a traditional English liqueur made to a long standing family recipe that had previously only been available for private use. Carefully selected wild English grown sloe berries are gently steeped for several months with Hayman's ...

Haymans - London Dry Gin 70cl Bottle

Hayman's London Dry Gin is the culmination of Christopher Hayman's 40 years involvement in the distillation of Gin. A premium classic style of London Dry Gin created by Hayman Distillers who are the oldest Gin distilling family in the UK. Christopher...

Giniu Gin

All the way from beautiful island of Sardinia comes Giniu Gin, produced by Silvio Carta based on an illegally-produced gin produced back in the 1940s up until the 1960s (which is also where this

Zymurgorium Extra Gooseberry Gin Liqueur (Quintessential Range) Flavoured Gin

A purée gin liqueur from The Zymurgorium in Manchester made with fresh Cheshire gooseberries! Try it with tonic.

Santamania London Dry London Dry Gin

From one of a small number of micro-distilleries in Spain comes Santamanía London Dry Gin, featuring a base spirit made from Tempranillo grapes and an interesting selection of botanicals.

Santamania London Dry Gin Reserva Cask Aged Gin

A cask-aged edition of Santamanía's London Dry Gin, matured in a French oak casks for several months in their 16th century stone cellar.

Sipsmith Sock Gift Set with London Dry Gin

This great gift set contains a mini of Sipsmith London Dry Gin and a pair of socks. A perfect gift for Father's Day, or any other occasion. Please note medium socks are for shoe sizes 8-10.5, large for 11-13.5.

Sipsmith Sock Gift Set with Sloe Gin

This great gift set contains a mini of Sipsmith Sloe Gin and a pair of socks. A perfect gift for Father's Day, or any other occasion. Please note medium socks are for shoe sizes 8-10.5, large for 11-13.5.

Portobello Road No.171 London Dry Gin 70cl

A gin specially designed by Jake Burger from the Portobello Star, home of the London Ginstitute. A solid and traditional London Dry Gin, distilled in west London.

Bimber - London Dry Gin 70cl Bottle

Full of flavour with a refreshing citrus character, experience the power and passion of Bimber Distillerys London Dry Gin. Distilled in a traditional copper still pot, Bimber Distillerys London Dry Gin is created from an old, original recipe using c...

City of London Square Mile Gin 3cl Sample London Dry Gin

A big, bold one-shot London dry gin from the City of London Distillery, made with a selection of botanicals which include juniper, angelica, coriander, fresh orange & lemon, liquorice and orris root,

Plymouth - Navy Strength Gin 70cl Bottle

For almost two centuries, Her Majesty's Naval Fleet was sustained by Plymouth Gin and no ship left port without a bottle of Navy Strength 100 proof (57% abv) on board.For some it is the ultimate gin, with a rich but very balanced taste that takes a M...

Brecon - Special Reserve Gin 70cl Bottle

Awarded "Gold Best in Class" at the International Wines & Spirits Competition 2011 Brecon Gin is a fine quality distilled gin using botanicals from the four corners of the world and bottled at Penderyn Distillery using water from the beautiful Brecon...

Adnams - Sloe Gin 70cl Bottle

Cherry red in colour with gentle aromas of red plums. Sweetness and the natural bitterness of the sloes are perfectly balanced on the palate which is smooth and round with a luscious creamy texture.

Cuckoo - Gin 70cl Bottle

Cuckoo is a complex gin with a smooth mouth feel to aid those who like to sip. After a slightly sweet, piney juniper start, the flavour develops into citrus from orange, grapefruit and lemon with a lingering taste of cinnamon spice and licorice. ...

Cadenheads - Classic Gin 70cl Bottle

A potent gin in the classic juniper-forward style from the historic Cadenhead company, Scotland's oldest independent bottler, founded in 1842.

Ungava - Gin 70cl Bottle

Ungava Canadian Premium Gin originates on the northern frontier where the vast Canadian tundra meets icy seas. Its particular aroma can be traced back to six rare botanicals, native to the arctic region, that enter its composition. Handpicked in the...

Nginious - Summer Gin 50cl Bottle

For the summer edition of Nginious, an entirely new recipe was composed. Apart from juniper and blueberries, it consists of peach, jasmine blossoms, fresh sweet limes, white pepper and rhubarb. It is easy to guess that fruity-floral notes dominate.

Willem Barentsz - Premium Gin 70cl Bottle

The dryness of the rye combined with the fuller, softer flavours of the wheat creates a smoother and cleaner spirit. Sweet and aromatic with distinct floral notes of exotic jasmine flowers. Delicately smooth with soft citrus flavours and warm earth...