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Found 106 drinks on offer.

Combier - Elixir 50cl Bottle

Jean-Baptiste Combier's acclaimed 19th century Elixir is comprised of an exotic blend of herbs, plants, and other spices from France's Loire Valley, Africa, India, and south-east Asia.Key ingredients such as aloe, nutmeg, myrrh, cardamom, cinnamon an...

Gabriel Boudier Darjeeling Tea Liqueur (Bartender Range) (70cl) Liqueurs

Gabriel Boudier capture the rich, aromatic notes of Darjeeling tea in their Darjeeling Tea Liqueur.

Zymurgorium Strawberry & A Trio Of Mint Gin Liqueur (Quintessential Ra Gin Liqueur

A gin liqueur made with 50% pressed strawberries! Garden mint, peppermint and pineapple mint are also used. Great with desserts or sparkling wine.

Zymurgorium Extra Io's Footsteps Sweet Violet Gin Liqueur (Quintessent Gin Liqueur

A sweet violet gin liqueur from the inventive Manchester distillers and liqueur makers of The Zymurgorium named after an Ancient Greek mythological figure.

Irish Meadow Irish Cream Liqueur

Irish Meadow is an Irish cream liqueur, made with fresh cream, white wine and Irish Whiskey. It's produced and bottled in Ireland for Halewood International.

Iseo Blue Curacao Liqueurs

A bold Blue Curaçao, made with the bitter peels of citrus fruit from the island of Curaçao. A staple ingredient in a cocktail maker's tool-kit.

Jade - Perique Tobacco Liqueur 50cl Bottle

Many bar tenders love to infuse libations with the odd cigar, what they don't realise is just how toxic and poisonous this practise is. Perique Tobacco Liqueur offers not only a safe alternative but it is also aimed at keeping alive an ancient tradit...

Pisang Ambon 70cl Bottle

The original Pisang Ambon with the adventurous flavour of exciting fruits and herbs.

Sette Vie - Ratafia Classica 70cl Bottle

Sette Vie Ratafia is an exquisite Italian liqueur with 20% alcohol by volume.It is hand crafted with Montepulciano d'Abbruzo wine that has been aged three years in oak barrels. The wine is a mix of 90% of Montepulcianograpes and 10% of Sangiovese. It...

Wenneker - Triple Sec 50cl Bottle

Wenneker Triple Sec Liqueur is made from an old family recipe which uses the finest curacao and oranges.Wenneker Triple Sec is a great addition to any cocktail bar.Delicious straight or over ice,Wenneker Triple Sec Liqueur makes a whole range of fant...

Briottet - Liqueur de Pamplemousse Rose (Pink Grapefruit) 70cl Bottle

A wonderful sweet grapefruit liqueur from Briottet - ideal with a G&T, especially with a drop of elderflower cordial and a healthy squeeze of lime.

Esprit De June 70cl Bottle

Esprit de June is a unique, rare and gourmande liqueur crafted with the ephemeral flowers from Ugni Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and other grape varietals. Warm, luminous and intriguing, L'Esprit de June captures the bewitching yet subtle aromas...

Bernard Loiseau - Liqueur de Poires Laurier 70cl Bottle

Gold with lively yellow notes.Nose, rich in pears with the power of the bay leaf.In the mouth, these flavours burst on the palate.

Chase Distillery - Elderflower Liqueur 50cl Bottle

Set in the Herefordshire countryside, Chase Distillery is in the enviable position of having field after field of fresh organic fruit at their disposal. Hand-picked by the distillery staff, the fruit is mixed with Chase Vodka to create a thick velvety liqueur which is excellent on its own or mixed with champagne.

Volare - Forest Fruits 70cl Bottle

Packed full of fruit from the forests of the Dolomite Mountains in Italy, this liqueur contains a heavenly combination of blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries.Volare Forest Fruits is great in a 'Walk on the Wildside'.

Cartron - Poire William (Pear) 50cl Bottle

A selection of Williams pears grown in the Rhone and Ardeche valleys are the main ingredients for this liqueur.Cartron Williams Pear eau-de-vie is blended with sugar and the necessary quantity of water to reduce the alcoholic content.Tasting notes: T...

Nardini - Ginepro Grappa Liqueur 70cl Bottle

This liqueur arrives on the palate like a rich and generous gin, spiced with botanicals, yet leaves with a subtle hint of grape pomace.Exquisite over crushed ice with a twist of lemon or a dash of bitters. Quite extraordinary as an ultra-accessible '...

Giffard Premium - Abricot du Roussillon (Apricot) 70cl Bottle

Made with the slow maceration of "Rouge du Roussillon" apricots for the perfect intensity of fruits and purity of character.

Giffard - Amaretto Liqueur 70cl Bottle

Made from bitter almonds and cherries. Delicate flavour of bitter almonds and hot flavour of cherries

Briottet - Creme de Figue (Fig) 70cl Bottle

Known for over 5000 years, eaten and used in the pharmacopoeia in the Middle East from where it originated, the highly energizing, digestive and laxative fig is grown throughout the Mediterranean basin. The Egyptians used figs for wine-making, the Ga...

De Kuyper - Creme de Bananes (Banana) 50cl Bottle

Extracts from top-grade, ripe bananas are blended with fine neutral spirit to produce this smooth liqueur.The richness of De Kuyper creme de bananes makes it extremely adaptable for many recipes.

Luxardo - Amaretto di Saschira 70cl Bottle

A classic almond based liqueur, presented in a new elegant award winning bottle. Sip neat after a meal or add a touch to a glass of sparkling wine or champagne.

Monin - Cacao White Liqueur 70cl Bottle

Fresh cocoa beans nose. Sweet and subtle taste with a long typical cocoa flavour finish. Historically, cocoa was cultivated‏ by the Rama people (indigenous people) of Nicaragua. Unlike “chocolate”, the rich buttery flavour of white chocolate is no...

Marie Brizard - Framboise (Raspberry) 70cl Bottle

A specific recipe elaborated by the Marie Brizard Liqueur Master: An infusion of raspberries exclusively coming from the Hautes Cotes de Nuits Saint-Georges in the Burgungy region with 2 varieties: Rose de Plombieres and Lloyd George, the finishing t...

Gabriel Boudier - 'Bartender Range' Creme De Menthe Green (Mint) 50cl Bottle

This delicious Peppermint liqueur is made in the same way as the rest of the Gabriel Boudier range, resulting in a high quality Creme de Menthe Liqueur.