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Found 106 drinks on offer.

The Dubliner - Whiskey & Honeycomb 70cl Bottle

The Dubliner Whiskey & Honeycomb. A whiskey and honeycomb liqueur, made from a base of Irish whiskey blended with honeycomb and caramel. Blended to a secret recipe created by master blended John Drennan. Colour: A rich glossy amber. Nose: Rich ca...

Gabriel Boudier - 'Bartender Range' Passionfruit 50cl Bottle

Many of the recipes for Gabriel Boudier Liqueurs have remained unchanged since the company was founded in Dijon in 1874. There is an absolute passion for authentic real quality, shunning the use of short cuts such as essence or flavours, but making ...

Bols - Yoghurt 50cl Bottle

Smooth and silky natural yoghurt flavour. Bols Natural Yoghurt Liqueur is a delicious liqueur made from natural ingredients only, with no added colorants, and it has an ABV of 15%. It can be served neat or on the rocks, and mixes perfectly with fres...

LaMosca - Raspberry 70cl Bottle

Lamosca Classic Sambuca blended with Raspberry liqueur giving a zesty raspberry finish. New design coming soon.

St Remy - French Honey 70cl Bottle

St-Remy with French Honey is a blend of pure and natural honey, "made by bees which have collected their nectar from sun-warmed meadows in southern France", combined with St-Remy French Brandy. The result, according to Martine Pain, St-Remy cellar master, is "a highly refined liqueur characterised by malted, flowery, woody and fruity notes.

Alize - Gold Passion 70cl Bottle

Alize Gold Passion mixes passion fruit juice from the tropics with the rich Alize V.S. Cognac for a luxurious and exotic taste explosion. Alize Gold Passion is best enjoyed chilled, on the rocks, with Champagne or mixed with apple juice for a refres...

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey Whiskey Liqueur / Half Bottle

A half bottle of Jack Daniel's phenomenally popular honey and whiskey liqueur - a great balance of sweetness and bourbon spice.

Edinburgh Gin's Plum & Vanilla Gin Liqueur

A sweet, juicy and almost festive liqueur from the Edinburgh Gin folks, combining their excellent gin with plum and Madagascan vanilla.

Maurera Wisniowica Lacka (Cherry) Eaux de Vie

A cherry-based spirit from Poland, similar in style as a plum slivovitz (except, you know, made from cherries).

Gabriel Boudier Liqueur De Poires Williams (Pear) (Bartender Range) 50 Liqueurs

Made with Williams Pears (or Bartlett Pears, if you're from the USA and Canada), this juicy, fragrant liqueur from Gabriel Boudier is best enjoyed cold and as a digestif, though it could (and should)

Isolabella Mandarinetto - 1970s Liqueurs

A well looked after bottle of Isolabella Mandarinetto from the 1950s. While it does sound like a new flavour of Cornetto, it's actually a splendid orange liqueur.

Compass Box Orangerie Liqueurs

One of the best whisky liqueurs we've ever tried! This Compass Box classic is flavoured with Sri Lankan Cloves, Indonesian Cassia bark and hand-zested Navalino oranges.

Tequila Rose - Strawberry 70cl Bottle

The original, and number one imported strawberry flavoured cream liqueur and tequila, using real dairy cream.The luscious and not too sweet taste goes down smoothly.Perfect on it's own or in a host of drinks.

Escubac (35cl) Liqueurs

Based on an old French apéritif, this blend of aromatic 14 botanicals, including caraway, nutmeg and citrus is sweetened with raisins, vanilla and a small amount of sugar.

Dragon Blood Liqueurs

This Swedish liqueur combines the flavours of lip-smacking red fruit and tongue-tingling spices.

Bonpland Suave Rum & Grape Rum Liqueur

Rum liqueur from German-based bottler, Bonpland.

Bronte Liqueur - Charlotte's Reserve Liqueurs

A limited edition bottling from The Brontë Liqueur Company, released to mark the bicentenary of the birth of Charlotte Brontë, author of Jane Eyre.

Nardini il Mezzoemezzo Liqueurs

Great as an aperitif, Nardini's wonderfully named Mezzoemezzo (go on, say it out loud) is made using a blend of their own Rosso and Rabarbaro.

Eyguebelle Liqueur De Verveine Liqueurs

A green digestif liqueur best served chilled after dinner. It's made with lemon verbana.

Pimm's Strawberry With a Hint of Mint Liqueurs

A 2015 addition to the selection of Pimm's flavours - Strawberry With a Hint Of Mint. Based on the classic Pimm's No.

Luxardo Anise and Raspberry 1.5l Liqueurs

A 1.5 litre bottle of Luxardo's Raspberry flavoured liqueur, made with their well-regarded Sambuca as a base. Suitable neat or in a sweet mixed drink.

Oraiste Orange Liqueurs

The Great Southern Distilling Company in Australia have named their orange liqueur after the Gaelic word for "orange", which as we all know is "Oráiste".

Grand Marnier Quintessence Liqueurs

This is the height of luxury liqueurs.

Berry Good Straight Strawberry 23.7% Flavoured Spirit

This is a strawberry flavoured vodka from Berry Good. Delicious if you want a really fresh strawberry flavoured vodka for a refreshing cocktail!

Mandarine Napoleon Grande Cuvee Liqueurs

This liqueur is made from Cognac and mandarin oranges, with some spices added for additional flavour. Best enjoyed over ice with tonic.