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Found 4 drinks on offer.

Henriques and Henriques - Sercial 15 Year Old 50cl Bottle

Madeira is a fortified wine that depends upon heat and evaporation to create consistent long lasting styles. The must is fortified, either to arrest fermentation for a Malmsey or a Bual, or later in the fermentation process, in the case of Sercial or...

Curatolo Arini - Marsala Superiore Riserva Secco NV 75cl Bottle

The Marsala Riserva Superiore is richer, more concentrated and elegant than the Fine. It has notes of dates, sultanas and toasted almonds and a long, smooth finish.

Blandy's Duke of Sussex Dry Madeira

A gentle, dry Madeira from Blandy's, Duke of Sussex has a nutty, dry flavour. Loads of character.

Blandy's Duke of Cumberland Medium Rich Madeira

A lush, medium bodied Madeira, with fresh fruit notes, Blandy's Duke of Cumberland makes a welcome accompaniment for the cheese board.