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Found 112 drinks on offer.

St Nicholas Abbey - Unaged White Rum 70cl Bottle

Big tropical fruit notes and vanilla with massive overtones of baked bananas. Very smooth and easy drinking. Great for sipping or mixing.St Nicholas Abbey Unaged, White Rum is affectionately nicknamed See-Through.It is made at St Nicholas Abbey from ...

Sancti Spiritus 18 Year Old 1998 (The Whisky Agency / La Maison du Whi Dark Rum

Single cask Cuban rum, anyone? This is a joint independent bottling of rum from the Sancti Spiritus distillery in Cuba, bottled by The Whisky Agency and La Maison du Whisky.

Optimum Ron Blanco Rum 1l White Rum

A white rum from the Optimum range, bottled in the Netherlands using rum imported from the Caribbean.

MOKO 15 Year Old Dark Rum

After years of inactivity, the MOKO Rum brand has been relaunched by descendants of one of its original founders (whom created it all the way back in the 1860s!).

MOKO 8 Year Old Dark Rum

The entry-level release from MOKO Rum, a brand relaunched in 2017 after if disappeared from shelves in the 1960s.

Diplomatico No.2 Barbet Rum - Distillery Collection Dark Rum

The Diplomático Distillery Collection was launched to show off the styles of rum that go to make their fantastic expressions.

J. Bally Millesime 1999 Rhum Vieux Brut De Fut Rhum Agricole Rum

A 1999 vintage Rhum Agricole from J. Bally in Martinique, bottled at cask strength and specially selected by La Maison du Whisky. A complex expression...

Uitvlugt 17 Year Old 1998 Guyanese Rum (cask 45) - Sansibar Dark Rum

A exciting example of rum from the Uitvlugt distillery in Guyana, bottled by German independent bottlers, Sansibar.

Reimonenq 2009 Cuvee Fernand'or Rhum Agricole Rum

A 2009 vintage rhum agricole from Guadeloupe-based producer, Reimonenq. This one even bears the signature of portrait of Fernand Reimonenq on the label.

Reimonenq Cuvee Prestige Rhum Agricole Rum

This rich expression is Reimonenq's Cuvée Prestige, a 9 year old rhum agricole boasting a mahogany hue and layers upon layers of cooked fruit and caramel notes. Stunning stuff.

Trinidad Rum 23 Year Old 1991 - Kill Devil (Hunter Laing) Dark Rum

From Hunter Laing's Kill Devil range comes a 23 year old rum from an undisclosed distillery in Trinidad, which was distilled in December 1991. Just 338 bottles were produced.

J. Bally 7 Year Old Rhum Vieux Rhum Agricole Rum

A 7 year old rhum agricole from the J. Bally range produced on the island of Martinique.

Barbancourt 2004 (Bottled 2014) - Bristol Spirits Rhum Agricole Rum

A reserve 'rum' made from pure sugar cane rather than molasses (i.e. rhum) from Haiti, distilled at La société du Rhum Barbancourt in 2004 and bottled in the UK a decade later by Bristol Spirits.

Trois Rivieres VSOP Rum

Trois Rivieres VSOP Rum is aged in French oak barrels for a minimum of five years. Subtle, with notes of honey, spice and dried fruit.

Doorly's 12 Year Old Rum

Doorly's Rum is made at the Foursquare distillery in Barbados. The 12 year old carries a picture of the rare Spix's Macaw on the label. This is rich and sweet with notes of tropical fruit and toffee apples.

Ron Cubay 1870 Extra Anejo Dark Rum

Extraordinary Cuban rum here from the Ron Cubay range.

Pampero - Blanco 70cl Bottle

Pampero Blanco is a classic light white rum with richness added through ageing. Pampero Blanco is made to be mixed - enjoy it in a Pampero Mojito or with club soda and lime.

Ron Atlantico - Private Cask 70cl Bottle

Voted best Solera Rum in the world. Golden Barrel awards 2010.Atlantico Rum, produced in the Dominican Republic, is a unique distinct dark rum that embodies tradition, sophistication, and hand crafted quality.Appearance: Deep yellow, fat legs.Nose: V...

St Aubin - Rhum Agricole Vanile 50cl Bottle

This is the St Aubin 50% infused with vanilla, sugar cane syrup is added which reduces it down to 40% abv. The vanilla pods used in the preparation of this rhum come from St Aubins own vanilla plantations. The nose is rich and luscious and abundant...

Flor de Cana - 12 Year Old Old Centenario 70cl Bottle

This superior, award winning full bodied 12 year old rum offers a rich amber colour and distinctively smooth taste loaded with flavours of butter , toffee and baked apple.A pleasure to sip hand warmed in a brandy glass, neat or on the rocks.

Havana Club - 15 Year Old Gran Reserva 70cl Bottle

Havana Club Rum 15 Anos Gran Reserva was created by selecting the best quality reserve rums of Cuba. It is the result of a lengthy and complex aging process, which has produced a rum with a flavour, that will please even the most particular palates.

Plantation Rum - Pineapple 70cl Bottle

This rum was created by Alexandre Gabriel, cellar master Plantation and David Wondrich, author of the book Imbibe! It is a tribute to the esteemed Reverend Stiggins whose favourite drink was the “pineapple rum” in the Pickwick Papers by Charles Dick...

Ron de Jeremy - XO 70cl Bottle

The rum displays a bright golden amber colour with reddish copper hues. The aroma is rich with oak, fruit and spice with hints of caramelised nuts and honey. On the palate, the rum is velvety and seductive. The deeply satisfying finish is charact...

Don Q - Gran Anejo 70cl Bottle

Deep complex nose of molasses, cigar tobacco and dark caramel. In the subtle aroma you can identify hints of vanilla and dark caramel, originating from the prolonged contact of the rum with the barrel. Delightfully smooth and lush with pronounced n...

Matusalem - Gran Reserva 15 Year Old 70cl Bottle

Matusalem's crowning achievement. Originally produced over 130 years ago in Santiago de Cuba and known as the "Cognac of Rums," this solera 15 super-premium rum is the perfect choice for those looking for exceptional quality and sophisticated taste...