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Whisky or whiskey[1] is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash. Various grains (which may be malted) are used for different varieties, including barley, corn (maize), rye, and wheat. Whisky is typically aged in wooden casks, generally made of charred white oak. Whisky is a strictly regulated spirit worldwide with many classes and types. The typical unifying characteristics of the different classes and types are the fermentation of grains, distillation, and ageing in wooden barrels.

Found 322 drinks on offer.

Gelston's 15 Year Old Single Malt Whiskey

A wonderfully vibrant and fruit-forward 15 year old single malt Irish whiskey bottled as part of the recently revived Gelston's range.

BenRiach 7 Year Old 2010 - Hepburn's Choice (Langside) Single Malt Whisky

An enjoyably spicy single cask bottling of 7 year old BenRiach single malt, aged in a refill hogshead from 2010 to 2018.

The Huntly 19 Year Old 1997 (cask 2213925) - The Octave (Duncan Taylor Blended Malt Whisky

Good things come in small packages, so they say – a motto which can be accepted as truth in this instance.

Samaroli Ferry to Islay (2017 Edition) Blended Malt Whisky

The ferry over to the Island of Islay never ends for true whisky enthusiasts - it's a journey you'll want to make throughout your life, and Samaroli agree.

Ardmore 7 Year Old 2009 (cask 707918) - The Single Malts of Scotland Single Malt Whisky

A single cask bottling of 7 year old Ardmore single malt, which has been aged in a Laphroaig cask from December 2009 to September 2017.

Spicily Sweet Blended Malt - Sansibar Blended Malt Whisky

A blended malt from German indie bottler Sansibar, with a particularly 'sweet and spicy' flavour profile indeed - hence the name. Enjoyably Sherried stuff, with a good kick of festive spice.

Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique (57.1%) (cask 121225125A) Single Malt Whisky

Kavalan's incredible Solist Vinho Barrique expression is allowed to mature in casks that have contained red and white wines, and then re-toasted. Very interesting Taiwanese whisky from King Car.

The Glenlivet 16 Year Old Cairn na Bruar - Single Cask Edition Single Malt Whisky

This is a single cask bottling of single malt from Speyside's Glenlivet distillery, bottled in November 2016 with an outturn of 558 bottles (originally released for the German market).

Arran The Bothy Quarter Cask - Batch 2 Single Malt Whisky

A second batch of Arran's Bothy, initially matured in first fill American oak ex-bourbon barrels of various vintages before being finished in American oak quarter casks for at least 18 months.

Nikka Taketsuru 25 Year Old 3cl Sample Blended Malt Whisky

The 25 year old edition of Nikka's Taketsuru blended malt whisky is a very rare sight.

Auchentoshan Springwood 1l Single Malt Whisky

Auchentoshan's Springwood expression, which spends its maturation resting in American oak bourbon casks, was released for travel retail.

Dun Mhor 5 Year Old Blended Scotch Blended Whisky

A 5 year old blended Scotch whisky from the Dun Mhor brand, which has been bottled without chillfiltration. Particularly rich with a subtle hint of smoke.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Blended Scotch Whisky

Johnnie Walker's most prestigious whisky. Probably THE most famous super-premium blend, made up of the finest old-aged malt and grain whiskies. The Cristal of the blended whisky world. Blue Label’s bold, multi-layered palate and silky delivery ensure that it sits unchallenged at the top of the Johnnie Walker pile.

Auchroisk 19 Year Old 1998 (cask 14661) - The First Editions (Hunter L Single Malt Whisky

19 year old single malt from Auchroisk, independently bottled as part of The First Editions range by Hunter Laing (taking inspiration from antique books!).

Armorik 6 Year Old 2011 Single Cask Single Malt Whisky

This is a single cask bottling from the Armorik French single malt range, which has been aged for 6 years in a new oak cask before bottling at 55% ABV.

Tamdhu 20 Year Old 1997 (cask 307089) - Celebration of the Cask (Carn Single Malt Whisky

Terrific single cask Tamdhu single malt, independently bottled by Càrn Mòr for the Celebration of the Cask range.

Craigellachie 8 Year Old 2008 - Battlehill (Duncan Taylor) Single Malt Whisky

A young and lively Craigellachie 8 year old single malt Scotch whisky, independently bottled by Huntly-based Duncan Taylor.

Tomatin 7 Year Old 2009 - Battlehill (Duncan Taylor) Single Malt Whisky

Tomatin 7 Year Old is an unusually youthful expression from the Highland single malt Scotch distillery.

Highland Park 40 Year Old (47.5%) Single Malt Whisky

The highly-regarded Highland Park on Orkney is one of the few distilleries that are able to have a 40 year old expression in their core range - quite a thing to boast about, we're sure you'll agree!

Ben Nevis 10 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

This 10 year old Ben Nevis single malt exudes some beautiful coffee, chocolate and toffeed peat notes, a firm representative of the Western Highland style.

Okayama Single Malt Single Malt Whisky

A single malt Japanese whisky from the Miyashita Distillery, in the Okayama Prefecture in the south of Japan.

Auchentoshan Blood Oak Single Malt Whisky

One of a pair of Travel Retail releases from the Auchentoshan distillery in the Lowlands - Blood Oak is a rather dramatically-named single malt in a combination of bourbon casks and red wine casks.

Invergordon 18 Year Old 1997 (cask 105) - Pearls of Scotland (Gordon & Grain Whisky

An independently bottled 18 year old Invergordon single grain Scotch whisky, presented at cask strength as part of the Pearls of Scotland range.

Glen Moray 25 Year Old 1989 (cask 5205) - The Duncan Taylor Single Single Malt Whisky

An independent bottling of single cask Glen Moray selected for Duncan Taylor's prestigious Single Range, all of which come presented with these handsome leather and hardwood cases.

Kilbeggan 21 Year Old Blended Whiskey

This well-aged, limited edition release from the Kilbeggan range is a 21 year old blended Irish whiskey, which has been matured in a gamut of different casks. Which casks, you ask?